Saving must become a priority, not just a thought. Pay yourself first.

- Dave Ramsey


High Interest

High Interest on savings

Online secure savings platform that earns you as high as 15% interest on your savings, your bank will be jealous.

It is Effortless

Enough of impulse spending, it is time to SAVE. CashBox makes saving effortless, motivating, fun and absolutely free.
Revives Savings Habit

Revive Savings Habit

CashBox encourages Discipline & good Savings habit

CashBox is all about financial discipline and encouraging the habit of "save small small". We believe little drops make a mighty ocean. With regular saving, it will amaze you at how much you can save.


How it works

Create Account

Create An Account

Create a FREE profile by using your basic details (Fullname, Email, Phone number) in less than one minute
Select Savings Plan

Select a Savings Plan

Select the savings plan you want (Regular saver account or Locked savings). Securely add your ATM/Debit card to your CashBox profile (this is where your savings will be debited from on your set saving day). Choose if you want to save daily/weekly/monthly. Create your first plan, additional plans can be created later.
Withdraw Periodnically

Withdraw Money Periodically

We encourage customers to save their money as long as possible while earning high interest on it. However, our FREE withdrawal days are: Mar 1st, June 1st, Sept 1st and Dec 1st. But you can also withdraw anytime you want but at a 5% penalty charge of the amount you are withdrawing..

Secure and Easy
Secure and Easy to use. You have absolute control over your savings
Get Started


Regular Saver

Regular Saver

  • Option to save Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Save any amount as low as (N100)
  • You can suspend your savings at anytime
  • Free withdrawal (no charges)
  • Earn up to 10% interest
Locked Savings

Locked Savings

  • Lock any amount at once just like a fixed deposit account
  • You can lock for a minimum of 90 days
  • Earn as high as 15% interest
  • Earn interest upfront while you save
  • Option to roll-over or withdraw your savings at maturity
Instant Savings

Instant Savings

  • Incase you miss a saving day or you decide to add more funds to your savings plan, you can use this option to save any amount instantly, while still running your regular saver account.
How safe is my money

How Safe Is My Money?

This is the most important question every saver should ask. Your funds are safe and securely held with our partner bank which is NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured. CashBox was built using Bank Grade security features, your security is paramount to us. Your card and bank details are secured using Paystack & Flutterwave, which operates one of the best payment technology in the world which top companies like Uber, and many more use.
How safe is my money

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