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Every month we feature a user telling us their savings story which we have termed #CashBoxStory. This month the spotlight is on Chioma who is sharing her story with us.

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Quick and convenient way to save your money. Saving is effortless, motivating, fun and absolutely free of charge.

Watch your savings grow

Stay on top of your finance by monitoring everything. Online secure savings platform that earns you up to 15% p.a on savings, your bank will be jealous.

Hit Targets

Reach your financial goals with our saving options. (Target, Regular, Vault, Swift, Cliques)

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CashBox is all about financial discipline and encouraging the habit of "save small small". We believe little drops make a mighty ocean. With regular saving, it will amaze you at how much you can save.

Saving must become a priority, not just a thought

Saving money and earning high interest is an efficient way to financial growth and discipline.





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