How it works

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    Create a profile

    Create a free profile in less than one minute with your full name, email and phone number. Choose from any of our saving plans and securely start saving. Users can save as low as ₦100 or as high as whatever limit user chooses to save.

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    Select a savings plan

    Securely add your ATM/Bank card to your profile and CashBox will automatically debit your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly for your set savings amount as created by you, and will save this into your CashBox savings plan. Users earn up to 15% interest p.a depending on chosen plan and savings balance.

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    Withdraw your money periodically

    CashBox is all about encouraging a healthy savings habit. We encourage users to save as long as possible and resist the urge to withdraw except when extremely necessary. Some plans do not allow withdrawal until maturity (Target, Vault, Cliques). Other plans allow users to withdraw any one time and also on our free withdrawal days (Mar 1st, June 1st, Sept 1st and Dec 1st).

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