This plan lets you save consistently (daily/weekly/monthly) towards a set goal while earning interest on your savings. Withdrawal is done on plan maturity.
Recommended for disciplined savings towards a goal (education, rent, business, vacation etc).


Save any amount, any time without necessarily creating an automated savings plan. For users without an ATM card, saving is possible via bank transfer. All bank transfers made into CashBox reflects in Swift balance.


Auto save regularly (daily/weekly/monthly) and also earn interest on savings. Withdrawal is easily done at any one time and also on the set free withdrawal days which is once in a quarter, limiting the maximum number of withdrawals to twice in a quarter.


Save in bits with family, friends and colleagues to achieve a set goal while also earning interest on savings. Though savings is done together, no one has access to your funds but you alone. This works like a traditional cooperative system, but a lot more fun, secured and motivates everyone to have a savings culture.


This plan is a personalized fixed deposit plan. Savers can lock away funds for a period of 90 days or more, and earn interest upfront immediately. Withdrawal is made upon plan maturity.


We encourage users to save money as long as possible while earning high interest on it. However,
users can withdraw for free from select plans (Regular, Swift) on their set Free Withdrawal Days. Once a user chooses their free withdrawal day, the next free withdrawal days are automatically calculated 30 days from the previous one. It is important to note that users of these plans can also withdraw any one time at a 5% penalty charge of the amount being withdrawn. All other plans can only withdraw at maturity, helping users remain disciplined and easily save towards set goals.